My Conversation with God.

January 2, 2012May 31, 2012

On January 1, 2012 I started a series of what I thought would be a picture every day.  The plan was to take a photo of the same spot from the dock here on South Watuppa Pond in Fall River, Massachusetts.   365 Days.

That was the plan.

That was




 Sounded like a good idea.

  Reality hit.                       Questions arose.

Would I take a picture at the same TIME every day?

Would I take a photo EVERY single day.

I decided that if I was actually going to fulfull this project, some gentility was in order.


I would take a photo on the same spot every day-ish. ISH.  I would get out there when I got out there.  Sound to you like a fortune cookie?  Me too.  The time of day the photo was taken could fall where it may.  The weather, of course, would fall where it may.   With fortune cookie gentility, this project became a journal of what I witnessed.

I could tell you stories about how I started with gusto and how that waned.  I could tell you about all of the different light about the changes in weather and of the seasons.  But hands down, the reason I began this project and the reason I kept coming back is thanks to three things.  They are as follows:

1. Wonder

2. Gratitude

3. Resilience

Wonder at what I was witnessing when I stopped to look.

Fullness of gratitude–an overwhelming sense of how lucky I was to see and have this experience.  How lucky I was for that and for so much more.  It literally felt like I was being filled.

Witness to how changes and constancy work together every day.

This is my conversation with God.  By looking at something I loved, loving it, letting it fill me, and teach me, we spoke.

I am truly sorry for the scenes I missed.  But that’s okay.  We are surrounded by greatness.

Have you been caught up in wonder? Where?  When have you felt gratitude?  From what do you learn about resilience?

When you are ready, come as you are… and with gentility,… take a look around.  Follow what you love.  There is something in it for you.

Please enjoy a slideshow and gallery of daily photos taken in 2012, my conversation with God.

P.S….I was facing East.

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365-ish. With a Profound Bow, The End.

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Summer 2012 (May 24-Aug.8)

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Day by Day

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365 -ish (Feb-March)

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